III. Requirements for the Philosophy Major

Philosophy majors may choose one of three tracks. The General Track is designed to serve students with a broad interest in philosophy. The Professional Track is designed for students considering philosophy as a professional discipline. It is especially appropriate for those considering graduate work in philosophy and those with an interest in a thorough and systematic study of the full range of philosophical thought. The Specialized Track is designed for students who are interested in philosophical reflection on a specific discipline or area such as law, religion, or psychology. It is especially appropriate for pre-law students and for DUAL MAJORS who are interested in the relationship between philosophy and their other major discipline.

The SASS Audit for philosophy majors has the General Track as its "default" setting, and so majors who wish to declare a Professional Track or a Specialized Track major must meet with their Advisor who will inform the appropriate officials of the choice so that the SASS Audit can be adjusted. Students must declare the Specialized Track at least two semesters before graduation.

During their lower division years, students are encouraged to take other courses in Philosophy according to their particular interests. Faculty members are available to advise students even before they have declared the major, and students are advised to take their major courses throughout their undergraduate education rather than trying to take them all in the final semesters. PHI 2011 (Philosophical Analysis) provides students with an excellent introduction to philosophy and serves to prepare students for their major courses. To qualify for formal admission to the Philosophy Department, FIU students must have met all the lower division requirements (including CLAST), completed 60 semester hours, and be otherwise acceptable to the Department.

Degree Requirements

The following requirements apply to all three tracks

  • Any course taken to fulfill a requirement for the major may not be taken with the "pass/fail" option and must be passed with a grade of "C" or better;
  • No more than six hours of Independent Study may be used to fulfill major requirements;
  • At most one of PHI 2100 (Introduction to Logic), PHI 2103 (Critical Thinking), or their equivalents, may be used to fulfill major requirements, and at most six other hours of lower division philosophy courses may be counted toward the degree.
  • Students who enrolled at FIU in Fall 2009 and onwards are required to satisfy a one-credit capstone project (PHI 4911). Enrollment is by permission of the instructor and normally occurs in the last semester before graduation. Contact Dr. Allen-Hermanson for further information.
  • In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the major, the College of Arts and Sciences has a number of requirements which are listed in the University's Catalog at the beginning of the Arts and Sciences.