VII. Declaring a Major or Minor in Philosophy

Students may declare a Philosophy major when applying to the University or when the Office of Undergraduate Studies instructs them that it is appropriate for them to declare their major. Students who do not declare a major in Philosophy when applying to the University must complete a request for acceptance form and may need to complete a request for acceptance into upper division college/school form (if they were not already accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences). These forms are available in the Department and must be signed by a Philosophy advisor. To qualify for formal admission to the Philosophy Department, FIU students must have met all the lower division requirements (including CLAST), completed 60 semester hours, and be otherwise acceptable to the Department. Students who specify Philosophy as an intended major prior to attaining upper-division status must process a new major declaration once they attain upper-division status.

The SASS audit for philosophy majors has the General Track as its "default" setting, and so majors who wish to declare a Professional Track or a Specialized Track major must meet with their Advisor who will inform the appropriate officials of the choice. Students must declare the Specialized Track at least two semesters before graduation.

Students wishing to declare a second major or a minor in Philosophy must complete the request to add a second major/minor form and have it signed by their major advisor and their Philosophy advisor. A minimum of a 2.0 grade point average is required for acceptance into the Philosophy major or minor. This form is available in the Department.