VIII. Evaluation of Transfer Credit

While the University will generally accept transfer credit for courses with a grade of "D" or better, only courses with a "C" or better in philosophy may be applied to the 33 hours required for the major or 15 hours for the minor in philosophy. University rules allow a maximum of 60 hours of lower division transfer credit and 30 hours of upper division credit. The Philosophy Department allows a maximum of 15 of these hours to fulfill requirements for a major and 6 to fulfill requirements for a minor. At most one transferred course equivalent to PHI 2100 (Introduction to Logic) or PHI 2103 (Critical Thinking) may be used to fulfill major requirements for the major or minor. Transfer credit is also subject to the restrictions on the total number of lower divisions hours that may be used for the major (see page 5) or the minor (see page 11). Advisors may ask for copies of syllabi, catalogs, or written work for courses taken at other institutions to assist them in assessing whether transfer credit should be granted. The Commonly numbered PHH, PHI, PHM, and PHP courses (in the State University and Community College System) will automatically transfer (subject to the above limitations).

Where a course taken at another institution is counted, the student's advisor will inform the SASS Office so that the student's SASS Audit may be corrected. Where a student has taken additional philosophy courses which can not be employed to reduce the total number of hours required for a major in philosophy, a faculty advisor may certify that a student has fulfilled one of the "area" requirements in virtue of prior work and allow the student to take additional courses in another area.