CWGS & philosophy professor Laurie Shrage contributes Op-Ed to New York Times' Opinion Pages

New York Times Op-Ed "Why So Many Are Black Women Dying of Aids?"

During her fellowship year, Laurie Shrage will be investigating the social and ethical dimensions of self-segregation or re-segregation situations in which the barriers to integration have largely been removed and yet people choose to reside, work, and play "among their own," that is, in spaces that are homogeneous in terms of race, ethnicity, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability.Shrage's books include Abortion and Social Responsibility: Depolarizing the Debate; Moral Dilemmas of Feminism; an edited collection, You've Changed: Sex Reassignment and Personal Identity; and a co-authored textbook Philosophizing About Sex. She served as co-editor of Hypatia from 1998 to 2003. She has contributed several pieces to "The Stone" (The New York Times).