Certificate in Law, Ethics & Society

The Certificate in Law, Ethics and Society prepares undergraduate students for training in the legal profession by imparting foundational knowledge about its values, principles and applications, while helping them develop the analytical, writing and other skills crucial to success in law school. Courses can be combined into themes, such as the environment, international trade, human rights and family law.

To declare the certificate, first complete this form.

  • Only fill out the 1st page (do not include your SSN) and 3rd page (for Florida residents)
  • Sign at the bottom of the 3rd page
  • The Certificate is FREE (ignore the $30 fee)
  • There is no GPA requirement
  • You must be a degree-seeking student
  • Drop off the application to a Pre-Law advisor. For the MMC campus, either the Philosophy Department (Dr. Rogerson, DM347) or ECS411. For the BBC campus, AC1300.
  • Check your Panther audit 4 weeks later to make sure it states: "Law, Ethics and Society Certificate." If it doesn’t, inform an advisor.

Receiving your Certificate

1. After you have applied to graduate, contact your pre-law advisor in philosophy or at ECS 411. They will check your transcript to ensure you have completed the requirements.

2. Check your audit 4-6 weeks after graduation. It should state that you have been awarded the certificate. If there is a problem, contact your advisor.

General Requirements

Certificate courses must receive a “C” or better. Courses not listed below may be included at the discretion of the Certificate Director (consultation with a pre-law advisor is recommended).

Course Requirements (18 credits)

  • 18 credits/6 courses from those listed below, and at least one must be selected from each category.
  • Of the 18, 6 credits/2 courses must be "core courses" marked with an asterisk " * ".

Law & Legal Reasoning

CJL 3512: The Courts

ECO: 4703: International Trade Theory and Policy

EVR 4352: US Environmental Policy

EVR 4356: Coastal and Marine Environmental Policy

INR 3403: International Law

PHI 2100: Introduction to Logic

PHM 3400: Philosophy of Law*

PHM 4430: Philosophy of the US Constitution

POS 3603: Constitutional Law: Powers*

POS 3604: Constitutional Law: Limitations*

POS 3652: Law and the Legal Profession


CPO 4053: Political Repression and Human Rights

PHI 2600: Introduction to Ethics

PHM 3200: Social and Political Philosophy*

PHM 3601: Ethics*

PHM 3638: Contemporary Ethical Issues*

PHI 3640: Environmental Ethics

PHM 4360: (varying topics) e.g. Justice; Equality; Socialism & Democracy

PHI 4633: Biomedical Ethics


ECP 3451: Law and Economics

CPO 4062: Comparative Judicial Politics

CPO 4047: Politics of North American Cooperation

LAH 3718: History of US-Latin American Relations

PHM 4123: Philosophy and Feminism*

PHM 4362: Global Justice*

PHM 4510: Marxism

POT 3302: Political Ideologies

PSY 4931: (varying topics) e.g. Children and the Law; Psychology of Wrongful Convictions*

PSY 4842: Legal Psychology

SYG 3325: Social Deviancy

SYP 3520: Criminology

SYP 3550: Juvenile Delinquency