Sean Allen-Hermanson

Sean Allen-Hermanson


Ph.D., University of Toronto

Research Interests:

Philosophy of mind and cognitive science

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Recent work

(2016). Review: Implicit Bias and Philosophy (Vol. 1 & 2), Philosophy.

(2016). “So that’s what it’s like!” in Companion to the Philosophy of Animal Minds. Kristen Andrews and Jacob Beck (eds.). Routledge.

(2015). “Introspection, Anton’s Syndrome, and Human Echolocation,” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly.

(2015). “Strong Neurophilosophy and the Matter of Bat Consciousness: A case study,” Erkenntnis 80(1): 57-76.

(2013). “Superdupersizing the Mind: Extended cognition and the persistence of cognitive bloat,” Philosophical Studies 158 (1): 1-16.